Monday, 2 November 2009

Finally Zac Efron is finished

I am so very glad to have this finished. I was beginning to think I never would but here it is. I was up very late for me, 11.45 pm, finishing this. I will probably fall asleep tomorrow at work when it hits me. A work colleague is going to make all three Stitch a Stars into cushions for me. I will be very glad to see the back of them. I will say here and now it will be a very very long time before I do another. I just hope the receipents like them at Christmas.

But where there is a finish there is a new start. I hope to start the birth sampler tomorrow for my nephew's son. This will be another Christmas present. I won't be starting tonight as I have to write up the invitations for my husband's 40th birthday bash.

Speaking of starting something new I have decided join a stitch along being run by Vonna and it is the LHN Ornies SAL I'm looking forward to doing them as I fell in love with the first one. There are 12 in all so can't wait to get cracking. Although I don't quite know how I am going to manage to make them up as I am not gifted at all in the sewing department but maybe that will be something else "new" for me to try lol.

Anyway I think thats enough waffling from me for one day I have invitations to write if I want to get going on the birth sampler.


Clare - Aimetu said...

Great finish - you did well to stay up, I'd be asleep LOL

Ginnie said...

Looks great, hope you aren't too tired. I think I have to do another Stitch a Star as there is a new Robert Pattinson one on the Cross Stitcher website... and my daughters adore him. Trouble is they'll both want one!

Julie said...

Super finish

Michelle said...

Looks great - well done.
Michelle x