Friday, 22 January 2010

Row of Love & Pear Tree Progress

Here's my progress of Dimensions Row of Love. I struggled with this this week. I have made a mistake and have had to fudge it so I lost a bit of my enthusiam for it. So I have put it away for now and will continue when it is next in my rotation. I will continue tonight with my LHN Ornie SAL Pear Tree. This is where I am at the moment - not a great deal of progress but some. I think I was feeling a bit unsettled because there are so many different designs screaming at me that I want to do. I have gone from having one on the go that would probably take up nine months of the year to having a rotation and four or five on the go so I think I need a quick finish. I want to work on everything particularly Carol's designs from iStitch. I have got most of them and seeing other people's progress on them make me want to start one. I am hoping that if I get Pear Tree done I can then start one of them. I am thread for Sew Blue, Sew Red and Sew Pink so it's decisions decisions for me lol.

Until next time, Happy Stitching.

Lesleyanne x


Michelle said...

You're row of love is looking lovely. I haven't started the Pear Tree one yet - wasn't sure I liked it as much as Let It Snow. I'll try and get round to it before the new one arrives. Hope you are keeping well - Michelle x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Your dimensions piece is going to be so lovely! I hope you can get past your fudging and enjoy the piece again!

Great new start on that ornie!

Julie said...

Nice start on the Pear Tree, dimensions piece is lovely, shame you had trouble with it.

Tracy J said...

I think Row of Love is going to be so darling so please don't give up. I am working on a very large project myself and I try to pace myself.