Monday, 8 February 2010

So Near Yet So Far!

This is where I got to on my Christmas Design SAL. I haven't had as much time stitching on it as I would have liked as I was out three times this week. I went to see Holiday on Ice and also Les McKeown from the Bay City Rollers singing songs from the seventies. Both nights were fantastic. I have run out of the colour "Spinach" so will have to order some more. I wont be placing an order for a while, not just for one thread, so it will be a while now before this is finished. When its my Christmas Design SAL next I will stitch another Lizzie Kate, either "Joy" or "Christmas is...". Feel free to leave a comment and say which you would like me to stitch next.

I should be stitching on my Lanarte Poppy this week but my mum has asked me to stitch something for a friend's 60th wedding anniversary which is in March. I will start it tomorrow night once I have got everything kitted up. I will work on this until it is finished. It is not very large so hopefully wont take very long.

Until next time, happy stitching.



Elaine said...

Your wip looks great, I love both the LK but if I had to choose it would be JOY for me.
Wow, that would have been a great concert the Bay city rollers was my favourite band in my teenage years.

Julie said...

ooo Bay City Rollers.... now that brings back lots of fond memories, tartan turn ups on the trousers, and a scarf to match .... happy times! LOL

Shame you ran out of thread and cant finish it, sorry i dont have one or i would have sent it to you to finish it off

Ginnie said...

Shame you ran out of thread, you were close to finishing.
Your nights out sound fun !

Karan said...

Sounds like some good nights out there. Bay City Rollers - what a blast from the past! LOL Shame you ran out of thread but it does give you an excuse for a splurge, I suppose. :0)
I vote for Christmas is... love that design. Look forward to seeing what you stitch for the 60th. :0)

Sally said...

What a shame you ran out of thread. That is so typical though! It looks good though.

I vote for Christmas Is too! It's lovely.

Always smiling said...

Thank you for your encouraging words I think I am in one of those doldrums that comes from too much time in side! All this cold weather and snow, while pretty from inside, is a bit of a pain to go out in. But then on a brighter note gives us all much more stitching time!!
Loved your Home Sweet Home I stitched that for an exchange and forgot how lovely it looked I shall have to do it for me!!
Happy stitching
Chris x

Dani - tkdchick said...

Sorry to hear you ran out of thread! Isn't that the most frustrating thing ever?

I can't wait to see your Lanarte Poppy, I LOVE poppys I'm actually considering perhaps starting a chart I have of poppies sometimes later this year.

Mylene said...

I am waiting for a couple of threads too to finish off the PS design, it sure frustrating when you are near to finishing the design.

...i'll pick "Christmas is..." Love that design.

stitcherw said...

Ho Ho Ho is looking so cute, how frustrating to have run out of the one thread. Congrats on your earlier finish of Home Sweet Home, it looks great.