Sunday, 13 March 2011

Firstly, thank you all so much that left birthday wishes for me. I really do appreciate them.

I want to send a special thank you to Sally of for the lovely L*K chart and embellishments she sent me for my birthday. I am taking this to mean that I can join her and Chris on 1st December SAL. Thank you Sally I was so thrilled when I opened this up.

Sally also received the chart below as part of a giveaway and she has passed it onto me to stitch and then I will then pass it onto Hazel when I have stitched it. Thank you again Sally I am looking forward to stitching this, my first ever Blackbird design.

I was also lucky enough to win a giveaway from Vicky at This week I received the package below. Thank you Vicky. The picture does not do the fabric justice, it is gorgeous. I am looking forward to stitching this.

I think my postman may have earned his wages just coming to my house this week lol.

And finally, the only thing I have stitched on this week is LHN Belle Pepper. I don't know what happened this week but I haven't touched Temptation and my only excuse is that life got in the way as I have had the week off work and have been visiting family, shopping with my mum and sister and clearing out my wardrobe! Who knew I had sooooo many clothes lol.

I had planned to stitch "Christmas" instead of Belle Pepper right up until the minute I started when I realised I would only be able to have it on the wall at Christmas time so left it as Belle Pepper now it can be on the wall all year round.

Thank you again to everyone who visits and leaves comments it really does make my day.

Until next time, happy stitching

Lesleyanne xxx


Carol said...

The more I see of Belle Pepper the more I want to stitch it, too! Yours is looking so pretty on that wonderful fabric, Lesleyanne.

Glad you had a nice birthday with such thoughtful gifts from Sally :)

Ranae said...

Can I have you postman?? lol
The mail parcel is fabulous.
BP is looking great,
Good idea to leave out Christmas, to able to hang all year round

Daffycat said...

What lovely mail to receive. Belle Pepper looks great!

Christina said...

You lucky, lucky lady! I'm so envious of the Lizzie Kate snowman chart - I've admired it on many blogs. Did you see it finished on Karen's (my favourite things) blog? The backing fabric she chose was divine.
The 'Wish for you' BBD pattern is definitely my favourite of the AOFTH series so far.
The giveaway from Vicky is fantastic. Loving the chocolate too, I lived on Reeses peanut butter cups when I lived in the States!

Siobhan said...

Belle Pepper looks great! Your postman must have been wondering what all those squishy packages were that he was hauling to your door. ;) Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Lovely gifts! Belle Pepper is looking great!

Angela P said...

Happy Belated Birthday :) Belle Pepper looks great! I don't think your mailman is going to like me very much this year, LOL! I'll be thrilled to keep him busy. I've emailed you too and look forward to getting to know you better :)

Sally said...

So glad you like the L*K and embellishments Lesleyanne and, of course, it means you can join in the SAL with Chris and I :)

Enjoy stitching A Wish for You. I've just started it and am enjoying it already.

Lovely package you received from Vicky.

Belle is looking beautiful.

Lisa said...

Ooh, you've received some lovely stash Lesleyanne, I'm envious! Glad you had a good birthday.
I've got the LK Snowman in my stash and have mentioned to Sally that I'd like to join the SAL again this year with it if I haven't stitched it by then.
I love the BBD chart, very nice.
Belle Pepper is looking gorgeous. I too had thought about putting Christmas on it, but I think you're right, I want to be able to show it all year so Belle Pepper it will be lol.

Mylene said...

Belle Pepper is looking beautiful!

Such lovely gifts received, enjoy!

Fiona said...

oooo some lovely stash there :) poor postie having to carry all that!! lol hope you had a lovely birthday and belle pepper looks fantastic!

Kate said...

Gorgeous stash and lovely progress on Belle Pepper.

Joysze said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Lesleyanne!! What a nice haul! :D

Belle Pepper is looking wonderful. :D

♥ Nia said...

Lucky girl! Lovely gifts!! =)
I hope you had a wonderful BDay :D

Patty C. said...

Congrats on your stash !!
I like your Belle Pepper ;)

Julie said...

Belle Pepper is looking lovely, its always nice to have something lovely in the post instead of the brown envelopes!

Karan said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you. Lots of lovely new stash for you... looks like you're going to be busy! BP looks lovely & so do your other WIP's. Enjoyed my catch up. :0)