Sunday, 3 November 2013

Tusal - November

Another month, another picture of my orts, on the right date too.

There is a lot of blue and white because of the Chelsea Logo I am stitching.  I have finished another page but forgot to take a picture before I started the next and hopefully last full page.

When I nipped outside to take a photo of my orts I noticed my Mother's Day rose is in flower, not a sight I expected to see and if you look closely you can see some more buds.  I don't know whether they will flower as it is getting colder but still a lovely sight to see on this cold November afternoon.

I am in a bit of a blogging slump with reading and leaving comments.  I will hopefully get caught up soon.

Until next time, happy stitching and thank you to those that leave comments on my posts.  I really do appreciate them and don't say it often enough.

Love Lesleyanne xxx


Anonymous said...

Look at all those beautiful threads. You have quite a few!

What sweet looking roses. Mine have started doing much better now that the weather has finally cooled down here.

Don't worry about trying to catch up on the blogging comments. You will get to it when you can.

Have a fantastic day!

butterfly said...

I can see you have been working on the blues badge.

Beautiful rose , I still have a few in full flower.

Christina said...

How lovely to see a bit of colour in November. Our garden is a blanket of soggy leaves!

cucki said...

Lovely orts xx

Michelle said...

Lovely Rose Lesleyanne xx

Jane said...

Pretty orts Lesleyanne and I reckon by Christmas it will be full to the top.
Bet you're glad to be starting the last page of your Chelsea logo ~ you've done well to stick with it, I think some special pampering should be coming your way from your DH for persevering!
Lovely to see such a pretty flower on such dull days, it's a beautiful colour xxx

Mouse said...

oooo your ort jar is almost full well done you and love the roses .... you must be a wee bit warmer there than here at the moment :)
love mouse xxxxx

Clare - Aimetu said...

Great jar - mine's filling up this year too - do you put a picture on Needlecraft Haven?

I have roses out - strange in November but a lovely to see them

Bonnie Brown said...

Great Orts! Lots of pretty colours

Bekca said...

You've been stitching up a storm Lesleyanne, I look forward to seeing your stitching soon. And thank you for the lovely comment on my latest finish, I can't believe it's finally done!
Best wishes.

AnaCristina said...

Solstitches said...

I think your ORT jar looks lovely and shows just how busy you've been.
I'm in that same blogging slump and am trying to get out of it.

Julie said...

Your jars filling up nicely.

Having a blog reading catch up myself this morning. I seem to get all caught up and then there's an influx, with some posting every day this month there are lots to read and not always enough hours in the day to leave a comment on them all.

Sally said...

Your rose is beautiful.

I get in a slump catching up on blogs and sometimes blogging.

Sara said...

Beautiful roses!

I've been slacking in the blog writing/reading dept too, just too much stuff going on lately!

ricketyjo said...

What a pretty rose! Lovely colour :) And your jar is getting nice and full too.

And don't worry about the blog reading/catchup - I think I'm in the same position at the moment...and I think a few people are doing a post a day in November which really makes the backlog seem all the more massive!