Monday, 27 July 2009

August Birthday Cards

I finished off these cards today - cross stitched them over the weekend. They are for a friend and her daughter who both have birthdays in August. I am trying to decide whether to start my September birthday cards next weekend, start my christmas cards or whether to carry on with my new start, Stitch a Star Orlando Bloom. Any help on decision making would be appreciated.

I can't believe I have TEN followers already - many thanks to you all and all those that leave comments.

I'll be back with a progress picture of Orlando Bloom at the weekend until then whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.



Ginnie said...

Lovely cards and can't wait to see Orlando !!
I am thinking of starting my Christmas cards soon so I vote for that.

Julie said...

Adorable, its so nice to receive a handstitched card.

I like to be well prepared so would vote to start them early just