Saturday, 22 August 2009

New baby card

Here's the new baby card I stitched for my nephew and his partner for the birth of their second son, Callum, born on 1st August.

It was from an old quick and easy cross stitch magazine and is a lovely stitch - I have done a couple of these now and really enjoy them.

Still not a lot of stitching going on - I can't seem to get going on it but perhaps if I turned off my new computer I might get some done lol. I am hoping to sit down tomorrow and watch the Grand Prix and stitch so heres hoping.

I will post a picture next week of any small amount of progress I do make to my Row of Love I like stitching on this so heres hoping I get some done.

I am taking my eldest son and a couple of friends to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this afternoon and I am not sure who is more excited me or him.

Whatever the weather enjoy your stitching



Chiloe said...

Cute card !!! I love your row of love !!!

Ginnie said...

Lovely card, so special to keep.

Julie said...

Super card, what a gorgeous design.

Did you enjoy HP??

Karan said...

Lovely card. Hope you all enjoyed the film. :0)