Sunday, 13 September 2009

Winnie the Pooh birthday card

I have FINALLY finished the Winnie the Pooh birthday card. I say finished I didn't do the outlining cos it look awful but I'm sure one year old Lucy won't mind.

I seem to have lost my stitching mojo at the moment - I just can't seem to settle down to stitching hence the reason Pooh bear took so long. I didn't pick a needle up until Friday. I have two more cards to stitch for this week so really need to get a move on.

I'm out on a family meal this afternoon for Lucy's first birthday so will hopefully settle down to stitch this evening. I hate going out on a Sunday afternoon I miss my stitching too much lol and usually Sunday's I can really get going with it.

I will post pictures of the two birthday cards later in the week (fingers crossed) and then I can get on with Orlando Bloom who seems to be taking forever.

Thank you to everybody who reads my blog I can't believe I have 19 followers who read my ramblings and to everyone who comments - its much appreciated.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.



Michelle said...

Your Winnie the Pooh is lovely. We all lose our stitchy bug now and then but it usually returns with a vengence! Hope you are keeping well. Love Michelle x

Karan said...

Cute. :0) You too? Mine has been missing since the end of August. Let's hope we both find it again soon! LOL

Julie said...

Pooh is lovely, hope you had a nice birthday meal.

Stitching time? whats that, been to busy here LOL