Friday, 18 September 2009

Yet Another Birthday Card

Here's the birthday card I have just finished for my second son who is eight on Monday. Happy Birthday darling. I have to say I really enjoyed stitching this one except the backstitch (which is not a favourite of mine and I try hard to avoid it at all costs). He is having friends round on Tuesday for a birthday tea and on Monday he's hoping to go shopping after school to spend his birthday money and go to MacDonalds for tea. My eldest son is going on a residential with his class on Monday and Tuesday for some team building.

For the rest of the weekend I am going to work on my Dimensions Row of Love, after I have finished the housework, washing and ironing.

Enjoy your weekend and stitching.



Julie said...

Such a darling design, i hope he has a lovely birthday and tea with friends

Karan said...

What a fun card. Hope the birthday boy has a lovely time & that DS1 enjoys the residential too. :0)

Ginnie said...

Lovely card, hope he has a great birthday.