Monday, 19 October 2009

Zac Efron Progress

This is my progress on my Stitch a Star of Zac Efron. I started it last Tuesday. I am not sure how much I'm going to get down this week as I have some sorting out of drawers to do as we have swopped a chest of drawers with our younger son and I also want to paint them so they match his wardrobe. I am not sure whether to carry on with this or leave it to take away with me when we go for a short break to Chapel St Leonards. We are staying in a caravan from Monday to Friday. I am tempted to take this as there are not so many colours to take. I could then make a start on my birth sampler.

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Julie said...

ooo Lesleyanne i am seeing green, i love Chapel, especially the view up the beach from Chapel Point with the sand seeming to go on forever!! have a great time.