Monday, 21 June 2010

AOY "The Lighthouse"

This is my progress on All Our Yesterdays "The Lighthouse". Unfortunately between being on the computer waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much and my mojo going on its summer holiday there is not a lot of progress for two weeks worth of stitching. Life has also been getting in the way as well.

After the first week I had stitched the little boy in blue and a leg of the other boy but couldn't leave him with just one leg and a head so decided to carry on with him and have just about finished him. Hopefully next time in the rotation it will be finished, if my mojo is back, fingers crossed.

I don't seemed to have received my next LHN Ornie which was on auto ship. I think I will wait a month or two and then query it if the next one doesn't turn up. I haven't been charged so am not too worried.

Next in my rotation is Lanarte's Poppy. I have skpped Row of Love and will get that out next month.

Hope everyone enjoys the weather this week, it is supposed to be nice all week which is good news for Wimbledon.

Until next time, happy stitching.

Lesleyanne xxx

Oooh just remembed I have been blogging a year - wow that's gone fast.


Anonymous said...

Lovely progress - hope your mojo comes back soon!

Jane said...

Congratulations on your 1st year of blogging!
Love the AOY Lighthouse - it has a lovely summery nautical look and so glad you didn't leave one boy legless!!!
I have the strawberries all ready in the fridge and piles of ironing to do so will make the most of Wimbledon whilst the sun shines.
Have a good week xxx

Michelle said...

Lovely progress - thanks for sharing. Michelle x

Mylene said...

Happy blogoversary!!

You made a good progress on AOY, hope your stitching mojo turns back.

Weather forecast here too would be sunny and warm...just don't have the time to enjoy it, still in the middle of packing.

Carol said...

Congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary, Lesleyanne! It is amazing how quickly the years pass, isn't it?

I'm really enjoying seeing your progress on the AOY piece--so sweet :)

Blu said...

Happy blogoversary!

Your AOY is very pretty.

Julie said...

Happy blogoversary.

This design is so lovely, i've seen it stitched quite a few times.

Justflo said...

I think your WIP is doing really well. Congrats on your first Blogoversary.... Here's to many more.

Kajsa said...

What a cute design. Happy blog anniversery!

Karan said...

Your mojo must be off partying with mine. TL is looking good. :0)

Shellie said...

Hi Lesleyanne and thank you for your comment I also have the lighthouse in my wip stash may just have to get it out again maybe one day when I dont have pics to finish for ppl or baby samplers to stitch.
I love AOY and also have a windmill one from AOY on the go and 40 odd more to do lol It never ends but I love them.
Great stitching and looking forward to seeing more of your work in future
Happy Stitching Shellie

Sally said...

I love these AOY designs and yours is coming along nicely.

Congratulations on your first year of blogging!

Lisa said...

Loving the lighthouse but then Faye Whittaker does some lovely paintings :-)

Solstitches said...

Beautiful stitching. You have some lovely WIPS.
Congrats. on your first year blogging.