Monday, 21 February 2011

Thank You / Questions / Progress!

There's a lot to get in this week.

Firstly, thank you to KarenV and Jennifer for their tutorials on a couple of finishing ideas I hope to try out sometime this year. Both emailed me with notes which I really really appreciate. Thank you ladies.

I would also like to thank Nia for my lovely stitching buddy below. Nia sent me this gorgeous doll who now resides next to my daylight lamp watching over me while I stitch and some ribbon which I forgot to take a photo of. Thank you Nia, you really shouldn't have but it was very much appreciated.

I wondered how fellow stitchers held their stitching. Do you use hoops, frames or q-snaps. I have noticed on my Vervaco piece that some of my stitches look flat I am thinking probably because they have been held between the two hoops. I am wondering if it would be better to use q-snaps - any advice you could give would be very much appreciated. I sit at the end of my sofa so couldn't use a floor standing frame. I also wondered how you stored your thread. I have been using bobbins but have quite a lot to still wind on and am really not that keen so again any ideas would be much appreciated. Many thanks.

Talking of my Vervaco - here she is as of today. I couldn't put her down yesterday, hence the reason my post is later than normal lol. My excuse is that it was International Hermit and Stitch day and I wanted as much progress as possible while I was in the zone.

Wednesday it was SAL time again with Sally and Lisa. It was hard to put Belle away again although I am not sure about the colour of her dress - it looks mucky to me lol even though I am using the colours called for.

I have also picked up my At Home with Jane Austen stitching from the framers but will show that next week.

Until next time, happy stitching

Lesleyanne xxx


Anonymous said...

I stitch in hand most of the time, so I probably can't help much with the frame issue. However, if I do have to use a frame, I use Q-Snaps and put a piece of batting (or felt would work) between the snap and my stitching, to help protect the stitches. You'll probably find that once you iron your piece, the stitches will sort themselves out, so I wouldn't worry too much.

I have some of my DMCs on bobbins, but most of my threads are in Floss a Way bags in drawers. I can't be doing with bobbin winding, I'd rather stitch! :)

Joysze said...

Wow, wow.... Vervaco is looking so great, Lesleyanne! I love her so much!! :D What a super cute doll Nia sent you! :D

I stitch with a lap frame... well, kinda a lap frame. It doesn't sit on my lap, but the stand sits on the couch on either side of me. So, the scroll frame is right in front of me and I am free to move around while I'm stitching. It was something cheap that I bought about 15 years ago and works out well for my needs. I sometimes think about getting something more expensive, but I'd rather spend the money on material and patterns. LOL!!! I've tried Q-snaps, but I don't like them much as I'm used to 2-handed stitching. I don't use hoops for the same reason, and also, I don't like the dents they make.

All my DMC are bobbinated. There were times where I needed a break from stitching or reading, and I'd sit and watch tv and bobbinate. I only have 1 color done that way though, the extras sit in baggies until I run out of the color.

Yvon (jioya) said...

I love your project and hope to see more, as for the frames i stitch in hand and have no frame i could use.
My threads are on bobbins and the spare one's are in little drawers with the numbers on the outside so i can find them quikly, for my Head-projects i use quite a lot, so this is the best way for me.

Hugs Yvon.

staci said...

Beautiful stitching!

If it's small or the linen is pretty stiff, I stitch in hand. Otherwise I use Q-snaps and I remove them when I'm done stitching for the day :)

Anonymous said...

I have a Needlework System 4 stand which I use with q-snaps, and like Karen I also put a piece of batting between stitching and q-snap. For smaller projects I find I'm stitching in hand more and more. Lovely stitching!

Lisa said...

Some lovely stitching there Lesley Ann.

I use q-snaps for stitching & my threads are arranged in the DMC Gold Storage thingy-ma-bobs. They are on long bobbin things that slide into plastic sleeves & go in ring binder folders... love it :)

Blu said...

I have a Q-snap, but I use a piece of batting underneath it. If not the stitches get flattened. They do plump up again if they've been off the Q-snap for a while.
My floss is on bobbins. I find the winding relaxing. But only one skein. The rest are in a giant bag.

Beth said...

Your Vervaco ia really looking beautiful. And your stitching buddy is darling. I use a little of everything. For little projects I use a hoop, for medium, Q-snaps, and for large ones scroll frames on a floor stand. My DMC are wound on bobbins except for one complete set that is in a loose leaf notebook in specialty pages called thread beds. My over dyed floss is in baggies in a little four drawer cabinet. Now you know too much - LOL!

♥ Nia said...

Oh she's your stitching buddy =)
I'm very happy to know that you appreciated my small gift :) I hope she makes you smile! :D

I used to stich with wooden hoops but recently I bought a snap-frame and I love it! I don't want any round hoops anymore ;)

I have my threads in DMC binders, you can see them on this post
Easy to store and to find when needed ;) I don't like those small cards, takes too long to put the thread on each one and (with time) it leaves strong marks on the thread.

Elaine said...

Great progress on your gorgeous lady Lesley-anne and what a sweet gift from dear Nia.
My DMC threads are all on bobbins other ones I have in small bags. Up until end of 2009 I always used Q-snaps now I hold my fabric in my hand. Don;t ask me why I
Happy Stitching!

Julie said...

Your stitching buddy is superb!

I'm a Q snap fan and like the others, always put something between clip and work to protect the stitches. I also wind my thread onto bobbins.

Kate said...

Lovely stitching!
I use Q Snaps unless the piece is so small hen I work in hand. I find that some of my stitches are flattened but a quick iron with the piece face down onto a towel usually revives them - beware of steam if using hand dyed thread!

demeter83 said...

Wow, you've done loads. It's grown amazingly, you must have put loads of time in.

Mylene said...

A very cute gift from Nia.

I've never used any frames or q'snaps so i am not any help on that area. My threads are on bobbins while the spare ones are in plastic bags.
Your vervaco piece is looking beautiful!

Carol said...

What a darling gift from Nia! She is such a sweetheart :

I stitch in hand also, Lesleyanne, so I don't have any advice as far as hoops or Q-snaps go. My threads are stored in little toolbox type drawers with about 4-5 colors per drawer. Seems to work well for me :)

Sally said...

I mostly stitch in hand as I find it easier. I sometimes use an RR frame ( similar to qsnaps) if it's a bigger piece.

Your lady is coming along beautifully as is Belle :) Isn't it gorgeous to stitch? I am loving stitching it.

Suzanne said...

Nice work on your stitching!

I use a Q-snap for my bigger pieces, but always use a piece of felt over the linen between the snap piece. I also don't leave my pieces in the Q-snap for more than my stitching time, they tend to squash and flatten the linen and stitching. Otherwise, I tend to stitch in hand.

Pumpkin said...

She truly is beautiful! I use Q-Snaps and as my project gets bigger, so do my snaps. I rarely put them over my stitching. If I have to, I'll put something in between.

I used to use bobbins as well but now I just keep my floss in skeins as is. Some people use the baggies. No kinking in the fibers :o) That's just what I do.

Cute gift from Nia!

Kathy Ellen said...

Your newest "stitching companion" is just adorable! My favorite stitching frame is called the Doodler Frame. It can be used on a table or in your lap, and comes with variety of scroll rod sizes, which can be easily screwed into the frame. If you want to check them out, the website is I prefer the "mini" Doodler frame because any size scroll rod fits into it. My husband, also a stitcher, prefers the larger sized Doodler frame. (On my blog, this week, I posted some pictures, in which you can see my stitching frame, and favorite floss caddy.)

For storing my fibers, I prefer the little floss bags, on which I can write the names and colours of the fibers. I store them in shoe box size plastic boxes, labeled with the types of fibers in them. Whenever stitching a project, I love my "floss" caddy, where I can store the fibers and park my needles. It can be found online at, and it is called a "Floss Organizer".

Crossing in Stitches With You!

Vicky L said...

Hi! Your Veravaco is gorgeous. i cant wait to see more on this lovely lady.
I want to congratulate you. You are the winner of my blog giveaway. Please send me your mailing address as soon as you can please.
vml 421 @ (no spaces)

Lisa said...

Lovely progress on your wips, I'm really enjoying Winter Band Sampler now.
I stitch small pieces in hand and bigger designs on qsnaps or r&r frames which are similar. I fold my fabric back on itself to put under the clamps so it helps to keep the fabric clean and protect the stitches. For floss storage I used to use bobbins but hated winding, so for a couple of years now I've used flossaway bags, which I store in number order in some plastic storage boxes from Staples.

Karan said...

In hand for tinies, Siesta Bar Frames for small to medium pieces & scroll frames for the biggies. Just bought my first R&R frame to use on a design that's too wide for a scroll frame - I just don't get on with hoops.
Now for the rest of my catch up. :0)