Wednesday, 28 September 2011

September Tusal

Here is my tusal for September. Not sure if it looks any different from last month or not. I had to empty it all out as my mum put my scissors in it. I really can't believe how quick this has come around again this month. It doesn't feel like five minutes since the last one.

Sorry my bin is in the picture - just look at the pretty flowers and orts instead lol.

I may have a finish to show at the weekend, fingers crossed, only a small one though.

Until next time, happy stitching

Lesleyanne xxx


butterfly said...

Hi LesleyAnn, i can't wait to see your new finish the weekend, your garden looks lovely, Please tell me all about ORTS jar do you just show your threads each month. !!! You know i am so new to all this.
Have a great day.

Beth said...

Looking forward to a new finish!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Actually I noticed your flowers more than your bin... see you shouldn't of pointed it out!

Sarah said...

Looking forward to seeing the new finish, I saw the flowers before the bin too!

Sally said...

Looking forward to seeing your finish.

I didn't even see your bin. The flowers caught my eye straight away!

Bekca said...

Hi Lesleyanne! I recieved my beautiful exchange piece yesterday when I was visiting home. Thank you so much, I can't wait to use the gorgeous little snowman in my Christmas display when I come home for the holidays. Thank you again, I love it. Best wishes.

Lesli Daniels said...

Hello! I'm new to blogging, but not so new to stitching. As I'm reading through many blogs, I'm seeing this term used quite often, TUSAL. So my dumb question is, what does it stand for, what does it mean? It's been peaking my interest for the past few days and I felt dumb asking..but now I can't stand not knowing!! Thanks!