Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Fa La La Finished!

I finally finished my first LHN Ornie tonight, Fa La La. It seemed to take FOREVER. It was a nice stitch though. I used 32 ct Antique White Jobelan and the recommended DMC threads.

On New Years Day I empty my Orts Jar. This is it as of tonight. I can't see me doing any stitching tomorrow so thought I would post this picture. It is filled with a year's worth of threads.

I have got all my threads and fabric ready to make a new start on New Year's Day. I will be stitching CCN Home Sweet Home. I will probably continue with this until next Friday when hopefully my next LHN Ornie will have arrived.

My stitching plan for 2010 is going to be pretty much as it was this year, Monday to Friday will be as below:-

Week 1 - CCN Home Sweet Home
Week 2 - Christmas Design SAL - Lizzie Kate Special Edition 2008 Ho Ho Ho
Week 3 - Dimensions Row of Love
Week 4 - Lanarte Poppy

Week 1 and 2 may be swopped as I think the Christmas Design SAL is supposed to be the first week of the month but am just waiting for confirmation.

On the weekends I will be working on my LHN Ornie SAL and if I should finish these then any other small designs I want that could be birthday cards or christmas cards.

If you have got to the end of this, well done.

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Row of Love Progress!

This is this week's progress on Dimensions Row of Love. I am pleased with the progress I've made. I have also been stitching on my LHN Ornie SAL Fa La La although it is not quite finished (I am about half way through). I shall put Row of Love away and hope to finish Fa La La before Christmas.

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog and those that comment. I hope you will continue with me next year. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year now in case I don't get on again with my stitching. I hope you all get lots of stitching time.

Happy Stitching, Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

No Stitching!

I am sorry to say that I haven't picked up a needle in two weeks so have nothing to show you. I am, however, going to change this sorry state of affairs today. I intended to sit and stitch all evening. I have been busy getting ready for Christmas, wrapping presents, writing cards and putting up decorations. Also I had a pile of ironing to catch up on as I was still finding it difficult to stand for long periods due to my knee injury but wanted to get caught up before Christmas.

I will be stitching on my LHN Ornie SAL as if I dont get a move on the second one will be here lol.

Talking of SALs I am joining Yoyo's Christmas Design SAL,, which started on 1st December. I was thinking of trying to work on a Christmas Design each month as I have quite a few Lizzie Kate's I would like to work on so this SAL gives me the motivation and I wont feel like an idiot working on a christmas design all year through which I thought people might think.

I hope to be back with a piccie soon.

Happy Stitching

Monday, 30 November 2009

This weeks progress!

This is my progress on Lizzie Kate's Special Edition, Ho Ho Ho. Not a lot I'm afraid. I seem to have been busy with housework etc with the lead up to Christmas. I did enjoy what little I did though.

I have received my first LHN Ornie and have made a very small start on that but I have been busy over the weekend Christmas shopping and wrapping. Just waiting for two more presents to arrive in the post and then I'm done, hurray. We just have the tree and decorations to do but that can wait a couple of days I think.

Happy stitching.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Row of Love Progress!

This is this week's progress on Dimensions Row of Love. I started off really well, or so I thought, until I discovered I had done it wrong. I apparently don't know the different between a number 1 and a number 2 for thread strands. I had done some in two instead of one so had to unpick and start again. It was nice to get going on this again.

My plans for this week are to stitch a birthday card for my husband who is 40 on December 1st. I will do this in the afternoon when he's not around and then in the evening I will stitch Lizzie Kate's Special Edition Christmas Kit, Ho Ho Ho. I will post pictures next week.

Hope everyone has a lovely stitchy week.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Birth Sampler Finished!

I finished the birth sampler for Callum this afternoon. It still needs a wash and iron before I take it to the framers though. I didn't expect to have it finished quite so quickly but I have been off work since Wednesday as I have stretched the ligaments in my knee which has involved lots of rest and you know what that means! Yeah lots of cross stitching. As I have finished the birth sampler I will have a new start and I think it will be CCN Home Sweet Home as we have just decorated the hall and I think this will look lovely on the wall.

I am now going to go back to my rotation now that I have finished all my obligation stitching. I did briefly think about stitching Christmas cards but I brought quite a few cards in the January sales so have decided not to stitch Christmas cards this year but perhaps stitch one a month throughout next year. So it is the turn of my Dimensions Row of Love I will be stitching on this week (Friday to Friday).

The next picture is two charts I brought from Michelle ( when she was having a stash clear out. Thanks Michelle. The LHN Poinsettia House fell into my basket when I was ordering some threads I needed for the LHN Ornie SAL. I think I am going to have to ban myself from buying any more charts in the New Year lol.

Monday, 9 November 2009

3 Blocks Finished and 21

Here's my progress on Callum's birth sampler. I have finished three blocks and have started the fourth. It seems to be stitching up quite quickly.

This is the birthday card I have made for Sarah's 21st birthday to go with the L*K Whatever cross stitch which I have had made up into a cushion for her.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Christmas Ornies and New Start!

These are the christmas ornies a colleague from work has made up for me. I have to say I think they are brillant. Just hope the receipents like them.

But as I have joined the LHN monthly ornie SAL I thought I perhaps ought to have a go at making one myself and below is my first attempt. Pictured with it is the material I back it with. My mum helped with it a bit, firstly by providing the sewing machine as I borrowed hers. I have to say I am quite pleased with it and definitely think I will make the ornies up myself.

Below is my new start, the birth sampler for Callum. Pictured with it is how it will look like when it is finished although I will have mine framed as I did for his brother. I have started at the top left hand corner so when I next get stitching I will be stitching the boat (sorry the picture is not very good I was in a bit of a rush).

Monday, 2 November 2009

Finally Zac Efron is finished

I am so very glad to have this finished. I was beginning to think I never would but here it is. I was up very late for me, 11.45 pm, finishing this. I will probably fall asleep tomorrow at work when it hits me. A work colleague is going to make all three Stitch a Stars into cushions for me. I will be very glad to see the back of them. I will say here and now it will be a very very long time before I do another. I just hope the receipents like them at Christmas.

But where there is a finish there is a new start. I hope to start the birth sampler tomorrow for my nephew's son. This will be another Christmas present. I won't be starting tonight as I have to write up the invitations for my husband's 40th birthday bash.

Speaking of starting something new I have decided join a stitch along being run by Vonna and it is the LHN Ornies SAL I'm looking forward to doing them as I fell in love with the first one. There are 12 in all so can't wait to get cracking. Although I don't quite know how I am going to manage to make them up as I am not gifted at all in the sewing department but maybe that will be something else "new" for me to try lol.

Anyway I think thats enough waffling from me for one day I have invitations to write if I want to get going on the birth sampler.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

More Zac Efron Progress

This is the progress I have made this week. I'm quite pleased as I got more done than I thought I was going to. I have to say that once this one is done it is going to be a very long long long time before I do another Stitch a Star. I am hoping to get this finished this week whilst I am away or maybe by this time next week. Fingers crossed I want to start the birth sampler I have to do for a Christmas present.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Zac Efron Progress

This is my progress on my Stitch a Star of Zac Efron. I started it last Tuesday. I am not sure how much I'm going to get down this week as I have some sorting out of drawers to do as we have swopped a chest of drawers with our younger son and I also want to paint them so they match his wardrobe. I am not sure whether to carry on with this or leave it to take away with me when we go for a short break to Chapel St Leonards. We are staying in a caravan from Monday to Friday. I am tempted to take this as there are not so many colours to take. I could then make a start on my birth sampler.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I had a surprise package today when I got home from work. I couldn't think what it could be. There was an address on it that didn't ring any bells. So I opened the package and there was a lovely card saying that I had won Clare's giveaway ( I have never won anything in my life before so I am thrilled to bits. Apparently, the flower charts came from a lady who can no longer stitch (my worst nightmare) so I will be looking forward to using some of the patterns in them. Also included were some threads and aida which will come in very useful.

Thank you Clare.

Monday, 12 October 2009

First Christmas Finished!

I have just finished Lizzie Kate's First Christmas for my nephew's new son. This is the fourth one I have done this year since August. I am pleased to have got them done. The fabric is what I have brought to back them with, when I say for me to back them with, I actually mean a colleague at work is going to make them up.

Tomorrow I am going to start Zac Efron's Stitch a Star which is going to be a christmas present.

Friday, 9 October 2009

And A Little More Stash

Firstly, I would like to thank you for all your nice comments regarding "Whatever". I have stitched it for my niece who is 21 in November and it is a favourite saying of hers so when I saw it on the Lizzie Kate site I just had to stitch it.

Secondly, Lisa was having a stash sale and I purchased some CCN & LHN charts, pictured above, which includes Princess Parade, Reading, Gentle and Kind and Geranium House and another cart by Pine Mountain Designs called Be Scarey. Thank you so much Lisa.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I finished Lizzie Kate's freebie Whatever! today. It was a real fun stitch and it only took three days to stitch. I used the DMC conversion and love the colours. I did have some buttons but they didn't quite go so I stitched the exclamation mark instead. I am going to take this into work for a colleague to finish into a cushion for me as it is going to be a present.

I am now going to stitch another Lizzie Kate "First Christmas" so hopefully another quick finish.

Happy stitching.

Monday, 5 October 2009

A Little More Stash

The rest of my order from Thread Bear arrived today which was the threads for Jane Austen at home, except for three which they have to order, and the Home Sweet Home chart from County Cottage Needleworks.

The charts I ordered from Sew and So were Lizzie Kate's Winter ABCs, Halloween Sampler and Christmas Is. None of these will be done until next year but after being a bit down in the dumps what better way to cheer yourself up than with a bit of stash lol.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

New Stash!

This arrived today from Thread Bear which I ordered after seeing Elisa's colour changes ( because I fell in love with the purple rather than the pink although I'm a bit of pink fan and I wouldn't have the brains to think about changes colours. I am hoping Elisa won't mind me shamelessly pinching her colour conversion. I have also ordered the threads for this although there a three Thread Bear are having to order from the States so they won't be here for about a month. But that's probably a good thing but I can't start anything else until my Christmas stitching is complete and I can't see that happening until the end of November.

I also ordered some Lizzie Kate charts from Sew and So so will post that when it comes.

I am in the process of stitching a 21st birthday card and will show a picture when its finished.

Enjoy your weekend and stitching.


Thursday, 1 October 2009

Orland Bloom Finished!

I have finally finished my Stitch a Star of Orlando Bloom. I am really pleased to have completed it so early in the week, I thought I would have finished it by Sunday. I will now have to do the washing that I have been ignoring in my eagerness to finish him.

I am now going to stitch a few little things, a 21st Birthday card and another First Christmas ornament so will post pictures when they are finished and then I have another Stitch a Star to do of Zac Efron. Until then enjoy your stitching.

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Progress Picture

This is my progress after about three nights of stitching. I am going to carry on with this over the weekend and next week in the vain hope of getting it finished some time in the near future.

Hope you are all having a good weekend and enjoying your stitching.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Change of Plans

This is L*K 12 Blessings of Christmas which I finished in January of this year. I really enjoyed stitching this. I am going to wash and iron it and then take it to the framers.

I have changed my christmas stitching plans. I am not going to stitch the patchwork name. I have other presents for the receipent and not for the other people I have something planned for so as time is getting on this is the decision I have made.

I am going to carry on with Orlando Bloom and then L*K Whatever and then the birth sampler for Callum which will be for his 1st christmas. I also want to stitch some christmas cards and I have the first christmas ornament to do for Callum also.

I think this will keep me going until christmas. I have also decided next year I am going to stitch for MEEEEEEEE other than birthday cards. I have so much I would like to get done for myself and most of which I know where they would go in the house. I know this sounds selfish but I only have one thing on my wall that I have stitched.

I have a couple of days off work now to tidy the garden. Whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.


Monday, 21 September 2009

Weekend Stitching

This is my progress on Dimensions Row of Love. Unfortunately due to things being a bit hectic still I have not got as much done as I would have liked.

Will now carry on with my Stitch a Star of Orlando Bloom and would really really like to get this finished this week - so heres hoping. Will post a picture later in the week.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.


Friday, 18 September 2009

Yet Another Birthday Card

Here's the birthday card I have just finished for my second son who is eight on Monday. Happy Birthday darling. I have to say I really enjoyed stitching this one except the backstitch (which is not a favourite of mine and I try hard to avoid it at all costs). He is having friends round on Tuesday for a birthday tea and on Monday he's hoping to go shopping after school to spend his birthday money and go to MacDonalds for tea. My eldest son is going on a residential with his class on Monday and Tuesday for some team building.

For the rest of the weekend I am going to work on my Dimensions Row of Love, after I have finished the housework, washing and ironing.

Enjoy your weekend and stitching.


Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Another Birthday Card

I finished this birthday card yesterday for my husband's sister's birthday. I hope you are not getting bored of seeing birthday cards. I have another to do for this month which I need to complete by Monday and I also have to do it secretly as it is for my second son. I will post a picture of it when it is finished. I am hoping to finish it by Friday so that I can do some more on my Dimensions Row of Love over the weekend. It is part of an SAL with Stitch Direct. Then on Tuesday its back to Orlando Bloom (I really want to get this finished - it seems to be taking FOREVER).

So here's hoping that everything goes to plan.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.


Sunday, 13 September 2009

Winnie the Pooh birthday card

I have FINALLY finished the Winnie the Pooh birthday card. I say finished I didn't do the outlining cos it look awful but I'm sure one year old Lucy won't mind.

I seem to have lost my stitching mojo at the moment - I just can't seem to settle down to stitching hence the reason Pooh bear took so long. I didn't pick a needle up until Friday. I have two more cards to stitch for this week so really need to get a move on.

I'm out on a family meal this afternoon for Lucy's first birthday so will hopefully settle down to stitch this evening. I hate going out on a Sunday afternoon I miss my stitching too much lol and usually Sunday's I can really get going with it.

I will post pictures of the two birthday cards later in the week (fingers crossed) and then I can get on with Orlando Bloom who seems to be taking forever.

Thank you to everybody who reads my blog I can't believe I have 19 followers who read my ramblings and to everyone who comments - its much appreciated.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.


Friday, 4 September 2009

Orlando Bloom Progress

This is my progress on Orlando Bloom - not a lot for two weeks worth. I apologise for not ironing it before taking a photo. I cant seem to get going with it. But will keep plodding on on Monday. I am hoping that with the boys back at school my routine will come back to me and will really get going on it.

Over the weekend I will be stitching a birthday card for my great niece who is one next week. A Winnie the Pooh cross stitch that appeared in one of the magazines many moons ago. Although I love Winnie the Pooh I hate it in cross stitching because of all of the backstitch (yuk). I will post a picture when I finished it.

Many thanks for your comments on my stitching I really appreciate them.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.


Sunday, 30 August 2009

First Christmas

I stitched this today for my nephew's son. I am going to stitch another for his little brother, Callum, who was born recently.

I have stitched a bit on Orlando Bloom and will carry on this week but again have been spending far too much time on my new computer adding photographs etc so haven't got as much done as I would like. I have quite a few gifts to stitch for Christmas presents so am going to work on these for the next few months as I don't want a last minute panic to get them finished.

I plan to stitch:-

Stitch a Star - Orlando Bloom
Stitch a Star - Zac Efron
L*K Whatever
Patchwork Name from Cross Stitcher Magazine
Birth Sampler from Cross Stitcher Magazine (I think)

As well as the above I would also like to stitch some christmas cards for close family and friends so am going to be quite busy.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.


Monday, 24 August 2009

Row of Love Progress (not a lot)

Thisis my pitful progress on Row of Love this month. Sorry I haven't ironed it before taking a photo. I would have got more done but I had to unpick what I stitched yesterday afternoon as I was a row too far over. Whilst unpicking I managed to snip a small hole I am hoping that if you don't look too closely you won't see it. I tried to stitch another piece on top of the hole but it just wouldn't work.

I am going to work on my stitch a star, Orlando Bloom, this week. The small piece I have done on him is wrong so I am going to start again. So am going to say I am starting it as of today, 23 August.

I have to say I really enjoyed Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on Saturday afternoon. There were a couple of things I felt were missing from the book but it didn't detract from it at all and it wasn't as mushy and loved up as I was expecting so all in all looking forward to when it comes out on DVD so we can watch it again.

Many thanks for all your kind comments on my stitching - I really appreciate them.

I am off now to start Orland Bloom - wish me luck - I might need it.

Whatever the weather enjoy your stitching.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

New baby card

Here's the new baby card I stitched for my nephew and his partner for the birth of their second son, Callum, born on 1st August.

It was from an old quick and easy cross stitch magazine and is a lovely stitch - I have done a couple of these now and really enjoy them.

Still not a lot of stitching going on - I can't seem to get going on it but perhaps if I turned off my new computer I might get some done lol. I am hoping to sit down tomorrow and watch the Grand Prix and stitch so heres hoping.

I will post a picture next week of any small amount of progress I do make to my Row of Love I like stitching on this so heres hoping I get some done.

I am taking my eldest son and a couple of friends to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince this afternoon and I am not sure who is more excited me or him.

Whatever the weather enjoy your stitching


Wednesday, 19 August 2009

At last!

At last I am able to blog again. I've had to replace my computer as my old one was dying a very slow and painful death. I wasn't able to blog and whenever I searched for something it would say oops this link has broken or go somewhere completely different to where I wanted to.

I have also been off work for two weeks as I had the flu and then a chest infection so I haven't done any stitching at all. But hopefully now I'm almost back to normal I will be able to start stitching again although my rotation has probably gone out of the window hopefully I will get back into the swing of things again.

Anyway that's all for now - whatever the weather enjoy your stitching.


Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Another Birthday Card

Poor Orlando Bloom has been put aside these past two evenings so I could stitch this for a work colleague who is turning 40, so far he only has a nose. Hopefully I will get more done tomorrow.

Whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.


Monday, 27 July 2009

August Birthday Cards

I finished off these cards today - cross stitched them over the weekend. They are for a friend and her daughter who both have birthdays in August. I am trying to decide whether to start my September birthday cards next weekend, start my christmas cards or whether to carry on with my new start, Stitch a Star Orlando Bloom. Any help on decision making would be appreciated.

I can't believe I have TEN followers already - many thanks to you all and all those that leave comments.

I'll be back with a progress picture of Orlando Bloom at the weekend until then whatever the weather, enjoy your stitching.