Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Life Events

In the time that I have been away from blogging I turned 50.  I had a small party with family and asked a cake maker if she could make me a cross stitch cake and this is what she made me.  I didn't really want to cut it up but it tasted as good as it looked!

We also had a new addition to the family.  A little girl born to my nephew and his wife called Daisy-Mai Patricia-Anne and I made her the ornament below from Little House Needleworks for her first christmas (a tradition of mine).  I am pleased to say it was well received by Mum and Dad and Daisy of course.

In my next post I will post some of the wips I have been working on.

Happy stitching


Monday, 13 September 2021

Stepping back into the land of blogging!

 I know it has been a while and a lot has happened since I last posted but as this came up in my Facebook memories as being four years ago! I thought I would share it on my blog with the hope that perhaps I can upload every couple of months.

This is my last finished Heaven and Earth Design - Mini Ariadne. She was framed four years ago and I am really pleased with her but so sad that I haven't finished any others.  I have quite a few wips and some new starts since I last posted but I will show them next time.

Since I last posted I have been made redundant but was lucky enough to get another job after about six months of looking.  It is a full time job and cuts into my stitching time quite a bit but I try to get some done mostly at the weekends and sometimes in the evenings once or twice a week.  

My eldest son graduated this year and my youngest son is Assistant Head Chef at Zizzis.  I am so very proud of the young men they have become.

I will be back soon with an update and to show you my new wip.

Happy stitching