Saturday, 24 December 2011

Merry Christmas

I have been stitching like a women possessed since my last post. I stitched on IHSW the border for the baby sampler I am stitching for Robert. It took all weekend because even though I followed the pattern I discovered one side was eleven high and the other was ten high. I have very nearly finished the sampler and will post a picture next week when I have framed it.

I have received my exchange from Edit for the Stitched with Love Exchange exchange. Thank you Edit - I love it. I have taken a photo of the gorgeous cushion I received but unfortunately have already put the rest away. In her package Edit included a Duo Noel chart, Christmas Tree ornaments, Scented Thread, Finishing Ribbon, Bells and Christmas Napkins. She also included two Real Madrid pencil rubbers for my two boys who were thrilled.

My exchange went to Sarah at Craftymoo.

A close up of the Lizzie Kate I stitched.

I also received the giveaway I won from Lesli at Fabulous Frogger. Thank you Lesli - I love everything and will take a photo next week to show you all the gorgeous things I received.

It is also Tusal time again. I have already signed up for next year and have a new pot to put my orts in.

Lastly just a couple of picture of my decorations and my tree.

I would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you get lots of stitchy pressies and enjoy your time with your families. I would also like to thank everyone who visits and leaves comments. I love to come down in the morning and see what you have to say about my stitching it makes my day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Until next time, happy stitching

Lesleyanne xxx

Monday, 12 December 2011

Ornaments Finished!

I have finished the two ornaments for my new Great Niece and Great Nephew. Both were stitched on 14ct Aida using DMC threads. It is a design by Lizzie Kate although not quite as charted, I missed the stitches off around the edge. Sorry for the bad photo. I took this quickly to show my sister and then posted them off before taking a better one.

Yesterday was Sally's birthday and I wanted to stitch her a little something. It is a design by Lizzie Kate from one of the Tiny Tidings, I can't remember which one. It is stitched on 28ct Mushroom Jobelan using DMC threads. I have had an email from Sally to say she loved it. Thank you Sally for letting me use your photo.

Lastly, but by no means least, I received this lovely card and everlasting mistletoe from Nia. Thank you Nia. I have waved it around my boys but haven't managed to get a kiss yet lol.

I have managed to get all my Christmas shopping done, cards are wrote but have wrapping still to do. Hopefully it won't take much longer and then I can get back to stitching as I have a baby sampler to get done ready for my New Year's Eve get together.

I hope you like my new blog layout, I won't tell you how long it took to change it. I have also managed to delete my finishes page for 2011 whilst trying to update it.

Until next time, happy stitching

Lesleyanne xxx

Monday, 5 December 2011

I love my Postman!

I was very lucky last week, my postman was very good to me and brought me two parcels. One I can't show yet.

The one I can show is from Michelle. I was reading Michelle's blog and she had said she was sending out some gifts, not for one second did I think I would received one. Thank you Michelle for my gift and your friendship. Both of which I treasure. I feel very lucky in having some fantastic on line friends.

I have managed to get my three ornaments finished, I just need to make them up. I will show them next week. I am spending this week getting ready for christmas, gift wrapping, card writing and putting the decorations up, before my kids sack me as I am late putting them up this year.

I had a new start last week but my progress was so minimal that I will wait until I get some more done before showing. It is L*K Snowman 10 that I am stitching in an SAL with Sally and Chris. Thank you both for letting me join your SAL again this year.

I am getting a bit twitchy as I now have SIX works in progress lol so really need to get a wriggle on. I do have to have another new start though as I have one more baby sampler to stitch for my great nephew, Robert. I am hoping to get this finished ready for New Years Eve when the family are coming round to my house for a get together.

Until next time, happy stitching

Lesleyanne xxx