Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Fa La La Finished!

I finally finished my first LHN Ornie tonight, Fa La La. It seemed to take FOREVER. It was a nice stitch though. I used 32 ct Antique White Jobelan and the recommended DMC threads.

On New Years Day I empty my Orts Jar. This is it as of tonight. I can't see me doing any stitching tomorrow so thought I would post this picture. It is filled with a year's worth of threads.

I have got all my threads and fabric ready to make a new start on New Year's Day. I will be stitching CCN Home Sweet Home. I will probably continue with this until next Friday when hopefully my next LHN Ornie will have arrived.

My stitching plan for 2010 is going to be pretty much as it was this year, Monday to Friday will be as below:-

Week 1 - CCN Home Sweet Home
Week 2 - Christmas Design SAL - Lizzie Kate Special Edition 2008 Ho Ho Ho
Week 3 - Dimensions Row of Love
Week 4 - Lanarte Poppy

Week 1 and 2 may be swopped as I think the Christmas Design SAL is supposed to be the first week of the month but am just waiting for confirmation.

On the weekends I will be working on my LHN Ornie SAL and if I should finish these then any other small designs I want that could be birthday cards or christmas cards.

If you have got to the end of this, well done.

I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Row of Love Progress!

This is this week's progress on Dimensions Row of Love. I am pleased with the progress I've made. I have also been stitching on my LHN Ornie SAL Fa La La although it is not quite finished (I am about half way through). I shall put Row of Love away and hope to finish Fa La La before Christmas.

I want to thank everyone who reads my blog and those that comment. I hope you will continue with me next year. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year now in case I don't get on again with my stitching. I hope you all get lots of stitching time.

Happy Stitching, Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

No Stitching!

I am sorry to say that I haven't picked up a needle in two weeks so have nothing to show you. I am, however, going to change this sorry state of affairs today. I intended to sit and stitch all evening. I have been busy getting ready for Christmas, wrapping presents, writing cards and putting up decorations. Also I had a pile of ironing to catch up on as I was still finding it difficult to stand for long periods due to my knee injury but wanted to get caught up before Christmas.

I will be stitching on my LHN Ornie SAL as if I dont get a move on the second one will be here lol.

Talking of SALs I am joining Yoyo's Christmas Design SAL,, which started on 1st December. I was thinking of trying to work on a Christmas Design each month as I have quite a few Lizzie Kate's I would like to work on so this SAL gives me the motivation and I wont feel like an idiot working on a christmas design all year through which I thought people might think.

I hope to be back with a piccie soon.

Happy Stitching